Body Sculpting and Lipotherapy

What are Body Sculpting and Lipotherapy and How Do they Work?

Have Fat in Places that Exercise & Diet Can't Touch?

Lipotherapy is a method of body sculpting that may be all you need to get rid of those love handles, fat rolls, or double chins! Lipotherapy is as simple as a series of little injections that shrinks areas of the body such as your arms, lines around the nose and corner of your mouth, under your eyes, or buttocks folds that are hard to reduce through weight loss alone.

Lipotherapy is not designed to used as a stand-alone weight loss method, but it works well in conjuction with customized weight loss programs.

That's the perfect reason for your personalized consultation with Dr. Mantor's (previously Gina K. Mayer, MD) to provide you with all the options available!

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