Body Sculpting and Fat Reduction with Vanquish ME | Columbus
Body Sculpting and Fat Reduction with Vanquish ME | Columbus

PERMANENT Fat Removal Is Here!

We now have Vanquish ME and we are so very excited to be able to offer this incredible new technology to you!

This is the world’s first FDA approved selective radio frequency device that utilizes contactless fat heating without any significant discomfort, downtime, or surgery to permanently destroy fat cells and EVEN has long-term data to prove it’s reduction is maintained over four years out despite normal weight fluctuations.

As compared to other body sculpting and fat destruction devices in the industry, this device has the largest spot size, covering the whole abdominal area from flank to flank, significantly reducing treatment time and resulting in higher cumulative circumferential inch reduction. No uncomfortable suction is required and no limit to body mass index or weight is necessary. It has an Incredible safety profile and is extremely convenient with sessions lasting about 45 minutes and can be done about one week apart over 4 to 6 weeks so that overall treatment time is done fairly quickly.

BTL Vanquish ME | Columbus BTL Vanquish ME | Columbus

So, how much does it cost?

It is $3000 for four treatments. Pretty reasonable for permanent fat loss! Studies have shown 1.9 inches lost in circumference, but it certainly depends on the patient population and the physicians across the country that have been doing it have been seeing from 2 to 5 inches, because it certainly depends on how much has to be lost to begin with, and being well hydrated really improves the outcome. In addition, treatment outcome can be improved with a procedure after each treatment called Cellutone which is a significant vibration/soundwave treatment that is used to treat cellulite and increase lymphatic flow as well as clear dead fat cells. This typically will cost $100 as an add on treatment per each session.

Because we are so incredibly excited to be offering this new device, or devices that is, we are offering the following special to the FIRST TWENTY PATIENTS: $2400 instead of $3000! For 6 sessions instead of 4! With add on CELLUTONE treatments for free! ($600 extra value!)

So call NOW before you miss out on this incredible offer!

Check Out Before and After Photos

Before and After Vanquish ME Body Sculpting | Columbus Before and After Vanquish ME Body Sculpting | Columbus

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