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Summer is coming!! Does Cellulite have you down???? We are now offering Cellutone treatments (acoustic wave therapy)!!

Define your jawline!!
PDO threads are a great way to get rid of those jowls and slim your jaw line! They are simple and can really make a nice difference on the jaw line as well as many other areas! Neck lines are dramatically improved as well!

PDO Threads | Columbus

Who wouldn't take 1.9 inches off today and 75% maintenance rate 4 years later??
That's what The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology recently published as the first LONG TERM non-invasive fat reduction study data for patients that underwent 4 BLT Vanquish ME treatments!

There are still a few packages left at the incredible savings of 6 treatments for $2400 (instead of 4 treatments for $3000) with free Cellutone treatments ($600 value)

Replace the Lost Volume!
$100 off one syringe of filler! $300 off of two syringes of filler! $500 off of three syringes of filler! (Valid on all fillers except volbella)

Before and After Dermal Fillers | Columbus

Permanent Makeup!
Get your permanent eyeliner (either upper liner or lower liner) completed by an MD for only $500! Special good through March 31st only! Includes a 6 week touch up session.

Take care of your skin!!
I'm finding some of us are getting lax about their skin care regimens and need a little reminder about what to do!! Everyone needs these 4-5 components for healthy skin!! Come for a free consult if you have questions! $5 off one product, $15 off two, $40 off three, and $60 off four different skin care products!!

Get Enough Botox to Cover it All!
Too often we skimp on our Botox!! Let's try it out at the dose we really need!! Most often, we need at least the full 60 units! At least 20 units for those frowning 11's (often more there!), at least 10 units on each side for Crow's feet, 20 units up top to raise those tired brow's and get rid of forehead lines, and then some of us need some in our bunny lines on our noses, the chins for that dreaded aging horizontal deepening chin line, not to mention lip lines and widening masseters!

So let me offer you a savings! Try 60 units or more for $11 per unit instead of $12! So that's $660 for 60 units! You will love the results! Use your BD coupons too and if you haven't downloaded the ap on your phone, that will get you $10 more off! (Cannot pre-purchase this special and must be done by March 31st!)

Before and After Botox | Columbus



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