Chemical Peels

What is a Chemical Peel and How does it Work?

A chemical peel with Dr. Mantor (previously Gina K. Mayer, MD) will treat you to an invigorating removal of those dead cells and top skin layers that result in fine lines and dull skin appearance leaving you with fresh new skin. Often, a series of these peels along with physician-dispensed exfoliating facial treatments is all that it takes to have a whole new skin appearance.

Now Offering a Broad Range of Chemical Peels:

We are now offering some more aggressive chemical peels to exfoliate and lighten the sun spots that have been accumulating over the summer along with those fine lines and wrinkles! These peels are wonderful and are a product of Allergan's (makers of Botox) merger with Skin Medica which we are very excited about, allowing for a combining of wonderful resources and science to allow for the best results for your skin and overall beauty! They will cause a very visible peeling of your skin in 48 to 72 hours after the procedure and will subsequently result in more dramatic results!

Vitalize Peel

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Rejuvenize Peel

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