Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Eyeliner or Eyebrows, Lipstick or Lipliner, and Much More!

Permanent Cosmetics is here at Dr. Mantor's (previously Gina K. Mayer, MD) office and we're having SO MUCH FUN with it! Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that produces permanent designs that resemble makeup. Wrinkle and Weight Solutions is one of the very few places you can have this procedure done by an actual physician.

Permanent Eyebrows in ColumbusSienna Suede

Permanent Eyebrows

Anyone who applies eyebrow pencil will love this procedure. We utilize Shadowing and Hairline techniques, strokes of pigment implantation that appear natural. Those suffering from Alopecia (hair loss) are grateful for our natural techniques.

Permanent Eyeliners in ColumbusBeautiful Black

Permanent Eyeliners

Implantation of subtle shadowing in the lashline can mimic hundreds of tiny eyelashes, popular among men as well as women to achieve a very natural appearance. Additional shadowing of color can create a soft enhancement. Depending upon desired results, a bold line can be achieved as well. Permanent Eyeliner is recommended by opthalmologists for those who are allergic to makeup and for those wearing contact lenses.

Permanent Lipliner/Color in ColumbusSpiced Russet

Permanent Lipliner/Color

The Lipliner/Color procedure can actually appear to reshape or change the size of the lips as well as enhance the color, and it’s beautiful! Permanent Color will assist in preventing lipstick from bleeding into surrounding skin as well as camouflage age lines that surround the lips. Many people request color similar to that of an infant – a very natural soft pinkish/red. Others desire a more dramatic effect.

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